Easi Prepaid// Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between the existing 2G Easi Mobile service and 3G Easi Mobile service?
Service Easi 2G Mobile Easi 3G Mobile
Voice Yes Yes
Video No Yes
IDD/Roaming Yes Yes
Data Access Yes (GPRS/WAP) Yes (HSDPA)
What does the DST Easi 3G Mobile EasiCare 159 do?
EasiCare 159 is Easi’s Interactive Voice Response service which facilitates:
Descriptions Via EasiCare 159 Via USSD Menu
To Activate line Listen to welcome prompts
and select preffered language
(Malay/English) account
balance $5 and validity date
will be announced
Recharge Press 1 *103*12 digit pin no# and
press send
Show balance Press 2 *102#  and press send
Last call details Press 3 *104#  and press send
To change language Press 4 NIL

Call Back (for roaming

NIL *101*Mobile no# and press
Credit transfer NIL *105*Mobile no*000# and
press send

Show available Recharge

NIL *106# and press send
Top up any Easi NIL *107*GO!broadband No.
*12digitpin# and press send

For the recharge, subscriber is only allowed up to 3 attempts. If exceeded, the line will barred and they will need to call DSTCare 151 for assistance.

How do I perform first activation on my Easi 3G Mobile Starter Pack?

Simply dial IVR 159 and listen to the welcome voice prompt for language selection, mobile number and credit confirmation and credit expiry notification.

It is then ready for immediate usage, example voice or video calls, SMS or MMS, etc.

First activation must be performed in local DST Com network only. It cannot be activated in the roaming network.

How and where can I purchase the Easi Mobile Starter Pack and Recharge Cards?
You can purchase at :

Easi 3G Mobile Starter Pack – At any DSTCom Counters Nationwide.
Easi Recharge Cards – At any DSTCom Counters and DSTCom authorized vendors.
As a regulatory Control in Brunei Darussalam, it is a mandatory requirement to register all circulated Prepaid numbers at point of purchase.

How do I register?

You can simply register at any DSTCom counters by filling in the “Easi Registration form” and bring along your original identification card (I.C) or passport. No registration fee will be charged.

What happens if I do not register my Easi 3G Mobile?

Once the line is activated and no registration has been made, a PUSH SMS will be sent to you. You will be given a grace period of 7 days to register.
Otherwise by the 8th working day, the line will be blocked until you register your line.

What does the Easi 3G Mobile Starter Pack contain and how much does one cost?
The Easi 3G Mobile Starter Pack (Normal) retailed at $30, contains the following:
  • 1 Prepaid SIM Card with $5 preloaded value
  • $25 Annual License Fee payable to His Majesty’s Government
  • Value Added Service eg (Prepaid Roaming, MMS, Internet browsing) CLI, IDD & SMS
  • 1 Easi User Guide
  • PUK No (Pin Unblocked Code)
  • Pin No. (Personal Identification Number)
  • MSISDN (Mobile No)
What happens when I reached one year service?

In accordance with the Brunei Telecommunications Act, an Annual License Renewal fee of $25 will be charge to all active Easi Subscribers.
An SMS will be sent to all subscribers one week (7 days) before the due date.

‘Lesen tahunan awda berakhir pada <tarikh>. Sila kekalkan baki yang mencukupi’.

Your annual fee is due on <date>.’ Please maintain sufficient balance’.

What happens if I don’t have sufficient balance for the license fee?

On the due date of the license fee, $25 will be deducted from your credit balance. If your credit balance is insufficient, all the available balance will be deducted. Once you recharged, remaining outstanding balance will be deducted automatically.

How do I make Video Call?

You only have to dial the mobile number and press the “Video Call” button.
Both parties must have a 3G handset and subscribe to a 3G Mobile.

Who can I make Video Call with?

You can make video call with anyone who is using a 3G SIM Card on a 3G handset.

Can I make Video Call with other Mobile Operator?

Yes, you can make video call to other mobile operator. The prevailing charges will apply.

While I am on Video Call, can I swap to Voice Call?

No, you have to terminate the video call before you can initiate the Voice Call.

Can I contact people who are not on a 3G network?

Yes, you can call or even send SMS to them; however, they cannot receive video calls.

What happens if I am in the middle of using Video Calls and leave the 3G coverage?

Your video calls will be dropped. Your network coverage will automatically be changed to 2G network; hence, you will not be able to make video calls.

Can I still make or receive Voice/Video Calls while accessing Data on my handset? Will I get disconnected?

Yes, the data service will not be disconnected, unless your browser has a time out which exits you when you are on voice call for a period of time.

Will my download speed be higher if I subscribed to the new Easi 3G Mobile and using HSDPA?

Yes, your download speed will be higher when you use a handset that supports 3G or HSDPA. Actual bandwidth and speeds experienced are dependent on the type of mobile equipment, software used, internet traffic and the destination server.

What happens when I am not in a 3G coverage area?

Your 3G network coverage will automatically be switched to a 2G network.

What happens to my existing credit if I don’t recharge, prior to card expiry?

The credit remaining in the account will be forfeited when there is no recharge before its expiry date. However, the forfeited credit will be refunded automatically if a recharge is made within the following period:-

Credit Refund (within 30 days of the expiry date)

Within 0 – 7 days – 100%
Within 8 – 14 days – 80%
Within 15 – 30 days – 50%
> 30 days – 0%

What happens if I don’t recharge after reaching expiry date?

Once your credit expires, a grace period of 30 days applies. You can still perform recharge within this grace period so your account will be reactivated. If there is no recharge within these 30 days (grace period), the account status becomes ‘Deactivate’.

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